Real Trade

Real Trade

This product is borne out of the need to satisfy the cravings of:

  • • The IT Savvy
  • •Those that believe that the best way to get anything done is to do it themselves
  • • Those that want minimal interactions with human personnel by serving themselves on a trading platform
  • •Those that want to take and execute their investment decisions from the comfort of their desks/homes/mobile devices
  • •The young investors
  • •Starters
  • •Students
  • •Those with access to internet

The features of “Real Trade” include:

  • •Convenience
  • •Easy to use online Stock broking mechanism
  • • Opportunity to trade directly through straight through processing to NSE
  • •“Trade for yourself”/ Self Serving platform (put you in the driver’s seat)
  • •Instant confirmation of successful trades/feedback
  • •Direct access to stock broking accounts, portfolio position
  • •Direct access real time market information
  • • to research materials

The benefits are:

  • • Like every real time portal, it is instant
  • • Our Portal is very interactive
  • • Feedback is immediate i.e. you get to know if your trade is successful, the cost, etc. as soon as you filled your Order(s).
  • •“You can view market information real-time, thus take the decision whether to invest at that point in time.

The process is simple once you already have a CSCS account with us. Please find attached the subscription form for your completion. We will advise you of your log-in details as soon as we get your completed form.
Thank you for subscribing to "Real Trade". Have a worthwhile & pleasant experience with "Real Trade".

For further enquiries, please contact the following representatives of the company:
Mary - 08062628417 – Email:
Olanike - 08037164599 – Email

“Real Trade” is our online/electronic trading product designed to offer CONVENIENCE to the investing public through our E-Business Suite..